Quality You Can Swear By

Delta Laminates go through some of the most stringent quality tests in the industry. Before a Delta product becomes a part of your home or office space it goes through thorough tests for heat resistance, crack-resistance, stain-resistance and scratch test all at an ISI certified laboratory equipped with specialised Q&A machines from Germany and the USA.

As far as Delta products are concerned, ‘ tested ok’ would be an understatement. We test a product until we know for sure that it’s more than just ok. It has to be great. It has to last. Quality is what we built our company upon. And it’s what every Royale product is made of.

PropertiesSpecified values as per IS: 2046 – 1995, Type S, HGS
Thickness1.00mm (±0.10mm)
Dimensional stability at deviated temperature
– Longitudinal (%)
– Transverse (%)
0.55 (Maximum)
1.025 (Maximum)
Dimensional stability at 20˚C
– Longitudinal (%)
– Transverse (%)
0.375 (Maximum)
0.60 (Maximum)
Resistance to dry heat 180˚CNot worse than Grade 4
Resistance to immersion in boiling water
– Mass increase (%)
– Thickness increase (%)
– Appearance
10.0 (Maximum)
11.8 (Maximum)
Not worse than Grade 4
Resistance to impact by small diameter ball20 N (Minimum)
Resistance to crackingNot worse than Grade 4
Resistance to scratching2 N (Minimum)
Resistance to stainingNot worse than Grade 5
Resistance to cigarette burnsNot worse than Grade 3
Resistance to steamNot worse than Grade 4
Resistance to colour change (wool standards)
– In Xenon arc light
– In enclosed Carbon arc light
Not worse than Grade 6
Not worse than Grade 5
Resistance to surface wear350 (revolution)
AppearanceShould be free from foreign particles